A Step into Adulthood by Molly Potter

Going into adulthood is scary for some people, because they are doing it alone, and doing things by oneself is not always fun. The Marching Band program can help them with that, because the friends that we make in this program can lasts a lifetime. We’re family. It helps one to find people that you are like or similar to, and if you’re the type of person where you’re not a fan of people in general, then you can’t not like this group of people. We help people when they need it, such as if someone in need of emotional support. We are there for them, no matter the situation. We will support everyone, in anything they choose to do. Even if they decide to quit marching band or band all together, we will support them.

Another way the Marching Band program is helpful in the journey of becoming an adult, is that we can get the shy to speak up, talk in front of a crowd and perform in front of a crowd. It is a great way to build up a character. Also, if some people aren't much of a talker, this program will get them to be the loudest person there, (trust me I know from experience). You can possibly perform for a crowd of thousands at a competition. We get judged on how well we did. Whatever they said we did wrong, we will learn to fix it and become better as a team. A way to build up courage or to fight that stage fright, would be to get a solo or a duet in a show. It motivates us to practice at home and do our best. Leadership positions motivate us even more to practice an audition piece. This shows the dedication we put into our audition. The leadership positions allow us to take initiative, help others, and get a taste of full responsibility. The leadership positions are: Drum Major, Horn Sargent, Woodwind Captain, Brass Captain, Drum Captain and Pit Captain. Overall, Marching Band is a very fun, none frightening way to grow up, and start of our adult stage in life.

A Sophomore. A Warrior. A Clarinetist.

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